Any form of “I don’t know” should NEVER be an answer to a customer. Never.

  • “Let me find out” is a great response to a customer.
  • “I’m not sure but let me check with someone who does” is a great response.
  • “Let’s figure out how we can get this resolved” is a great answer.

I don’t know and walking away is not a response.

But it is a great way to lose a customer.

For the #WAWA fans in the group………Butterscotch Krimpets (featured pic) are my WAWA Crack!

So when the new WAWA opened in the neighborhood I was excited. Except there were no Krimpets…. for weeks. I kept looking. There were boxes of these coconut thingies.

Three WAWA store staff said they didn’t know how to get them ordered. I was told the Delivery Person decides? WAWA and Tastykake Social Media teams both did not respond to my tweets. I still call them tweets.

So what does a Krimpet addict do?????

Leave a note on the shelf for the Tastykake delivery person. That’s what he does. And that’s what I did.

So I did. And Ta-Da!!! Yesterday I got my Krimpets.

And today I left this note.