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Fun Stuff and Ideas Inspired by BCSE

Coffee Drinkers Journal


Ideas. Thoughts. Randomness. And a place to write it all down. Cuz the true coffee lover knows the value of the coffee break! 

Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth

A story. A blueprint. Diary of the Happiest Employee on Earth is one persons account of their first year working for a company that focuses on the Employee Experience day in and day out; and how that employee experience retains customers, keeps people productive and grows a business. It should be read by anyone who ever saw the need to improve their work environment

Write Your Own Book Telling Others How To Be A Success!

Most people, probably even you, don’t become successful after reading self-help books or books on success. The only ones who become successful are the ones writing them and selling them to people like you.

So maybe it’s time for you to write your own! Here’s the formula!

Motivation For The Cyclist In Your Life

 Early To Bed. Early To RIDE. Early to catch that amazing Sunrise. But first, Coffee! The cyclist in your life will understand and appreciate this gift! Just buy it!

Funny Dog Poop Sign

Sometimes you just need to send a short and direct message to those neighbors who don’t understand the responsibilities that come with being a dog owner.

An Employee HANDbook that will get you laughing and even keep you employed

Let’s face it, most employee handbooks are tossed aside and only referred to when something is about to hit the fan! They’re long boring, confusing and full of buzzwords that make most people want to poke their eyes out!

This Employee HANDbook will not only get you laughing but it also tells you the truth about what it takes to stay employed in simple easy to read common sense language.