Best Conference Session Ever (BCSE)

The Long Overdue Finally Something New Conference Experience!

Best Conference Session Ever (or BCSE) will be the most fun your group will ever have solving problems, collaborating, identifying new products/services or just bonding!

Formerly know as #CafecitoAdvenures, BCSE is the Conference Education Adventure and that Something New you’ve been saying you’re gonna add to your annual conference but still haven’t. It’s the Learning Experience that your attendees are thirsting for — other than end of day adult beverages! 

Meet Rich

Established Last Century

As his LinkedIn profile says, Rich DiGirolamo has been making conference and meeting education more fun since last century.

“Can’t wait to see what you’ve got for us this year” and “This may have been the Best Conference Session Ever” (hence the rebrand from #CafecitoAdventures) are what get me out of bed every morning to come up with creative learning for your group. But the best part of the fun and creative approach is that your group will walk away with immediate implementable ideas. Not just what to do’s, but how to do it! 


Rich’s #1 Rule of Learning:

It’s Gotta Be Fun!

Content may be King, but I’ve seen some great content delivered where I wanted to poke my eyes out while I was soaking it in.

However………Content that is delivered in a FUN and unique manner will be memorable for all, will move people to action, and will deliver the results you’re looking for! And you’ll never change my mind!

So how about we change it to “FUN Content is King!”


Ideation & Problem Solving


Collaboration & Team Building

Program Development

What i do

Simply Put…….

I Design and Develop a Unique and FUN Conference/Meeting Education Experience that Gets People Away from those Meeting Room Walls and into an environment that is more conducive to Ideate, Solve Problems, Brainstorm, Develop New Programs and Services, and/or just Bond As A Group.

Outside is the Meeting Room of the 21st Century. Let me show you!

Ready TO Plan Your ADventure?