Best Conference Session Ever.

What it is and isn’t!



Imagine if you can:

  • Being told to show up at a certain place and time with no knowledge of where you’re going. And you do! And you’re excited!
  • Retraining your brain and allowing a process of randomness to approach problem solving and program/product development in a whole new way.
  • Uncovering new ways to differentiate yourself from others in your industry; in  places where you would least expect to find them.
  • Allowing outside stimuli (not the four walls of that soul sucking jail called a conference room) to open your sense of vision, purpose, curiosity, ideation, and more.
  • Having a heck of a lot of fun doing the above!


Intrigued? Keep Reading….


Outside Is Where Learning Is At!

WHAT Is The Best Conference Session Ever?

  • Problem Solving
  • A fun unique way to get your team and/or conference attendees to organically connect
  • Collaboration
  • Leadership Development
  • Exploration
  • A fun way to save money on high priced consultants telling you things you already know
  • Ideation
  • Fun and Adventure Outside!!
  • The Offsite Adventure They’ll Be Talking About!

What It’s Not!

  • Forced Contrived Team Building that annoys your team
  • Another Session of What To Do with no explanation/ideas of How To Do it
  • Low On Ideas
  • Another Soul Sucking Slide Heavy Conference Session where the presenter just reads to you

WHY You Need To Include This In Your Next Program!

It’s pretty simple. You’ve been promising your attendees something new creative and different and have still not delivered. And the results can be seen right there in the moment!


WHO Else Could Benefit?

Could your board/leadership retreat use something different to stir up ideas and solve problems? Has your regular management meeting become the same old stale agenda? Do you see eyes roll when you mention “team” outing? How about a reason to get your WFH folks to come to the “office” for a day? Let’s talk about the possibilities!

What An Executive Director Said

  • “We developed a one sentence vision statement as a result of this conference session”

What Attendees Said

  • Might have been the best conference session ever
  • The best ideas really do surface outside the office
  • Not knowing where we were going (next) made it so much fun


The Result$

  • By changing one word in our program description we filled slots faster than ever and got staff (more) excited
  • 10% more registrations for a Youth Program within 2 days of attending this conference session