We all have ideas. Some great. Some good. Some crappy. Some suck. But every single person has ideas. Every. Single. Person. I also believe it’s important for individuals and teams to record them. And why I often give one of these away when I’m working with a group. The importance of generating and documenting ideas is critical for growth, ideation, problem solving, customer and employee experiences etc. etc.

Some of you know I’m a cyclist. Typically 150 miles per week. A hip injury which required surgery sidelined me for a few months late 2022/early 2023. So like every other athlete recovering from an injury I decided to prove something to myself. Ride my first post-surgery Century Ride. 100 miles. One month after surgery.

It was horrible. I suffered. It was windy. I was in pain. I thought about the surprised look the doctor gave me just the day before at my follow-up appointment. My buddies were riding waaaaaay too fast even after promising they would let me set the pace and help me through it. I was miserable and cranky!!!!

At about mile 60 we came upon a rest stop.

Woohoo! Ice Cream Cones!!!!

My pain and suffering (and cursing) were about to be…………………………..


Fruit and Whipped Cream in a cone. That’s it! No ice cream!

Seriously? Are you kidding me? You repurposed an ice cream cone. Teasing me like this when I already want to die. (Always be a little dramatic.)

My friends are now laughing at me as I’m melting down. Something might as well melt cuz there wasn’t any ice cream melting.

Disappointed. Beyond anything you could imagine!!

But it really was a cool creative idea. A little healthy. A little sweet. And of course FUN! And an idea that I’m sure someday I will use. An idea that surfaced in the most unlikely of places – a rail trail bike ride rest area. I could see this at the Office Happy Hour or project success celebration, a kid’s birthday party, Recess At Work Day, a wedding,

Yeah, some ideas are great. Some suck. But even the sucky and disappointing ones might have their place and right time. Somewhere. Hence, why I think documenting them is important. I love going back and looking at old journals and seeing ideas that actually came to be. Or ideas that I had but someone else made a gazillion dollars by implementing. And why when I’m discussing ideas with people I never let them say No; but instead some form of Not Now!

So don’t let those crazy ideas disappoint. You just never know.

But Rich, what about the ride????? Well. maybe not the best idea so soon after surgery but…………………………………..

Oh c’mon, I’m as stubborn as some of you reading this!