This man pictured in this post is iconic. Some of you may even recognize him. He’s a fixture on Bourbon Street in New Orleans.

I am in the city several times a year working (having a heck of a lot of fun) with a client and I’ve been visiting for 20 years professionally and weekend getaways.

Some people might see a homeless person when they look at him. Or somebody with a mental illness trying to make a few bucks holding a sign for a bar. Or someone being taken advantage of by a business.

On any given night when I have been there this man probably has a couple hundred bucks in a bag or a box or whatever he may be holding that evening.

I have chatted with him. Yes, once upon a time he started out just holding a sign for a bar. But his personality is just so enthusiastic that people want to be near him, take pictures with him, and laugh with him. And once he realized that he changed the game. TIPS!

He has made holding that sign his livelihood. And he’s out there most nights having a great time. I like to say he went from Huge Ass Beer to Huge Ass Idea! Which begs the question………What business idea are you still waiting to implement?