Atlanta is one of my favorite conference cities. There’s tons to do and so much to see. There’s great neighborhoods, sites and venues that really allow your mind to wander and think about how your business can change; what new and different will make you memorable.

So imagine our surprise when a BCSE group came upon this……….A Subterranean Ping Pong Stadium, in the heart of downtown Atlanta. Someone had an idea. Someone said let’s turn Ping Pong into something more. And they did!

When you think of a stadium you think of something massive and grandiose. This is just the opposite. But often times it just one word that can make a difference. What if the creators of this called it a court? Or a room? Or a patio? Yes, it would have still been cool. But calling it a stadium is the opposite of what you would expect; and that’s what makes it memorable, fun and blogable! Several years ago one of my clients changed the word Clinic to the phrase Pop-Up for an upcoming youth event. By the time they returned from conference the Pop-Up available registrations were sold out. One word made the difference.

Ideation. New Programs. You never know what may spark as a result of including the Best Conference Session Ever in your next event! Are you ready to find out more? CLICK HERE