Training. Team building. People hear the words and suddenly……………………….PTO requests are submitted, can’t-be-missed meetings are scheduled, calendars are blocked with something important, their kid is in a play that day, flu season kicks in early, eyes roll, etc. etc. Too many see it as a waste of time. Forced and contrived. I get it. I know it. So do you!

There’s a reason I call Best Conference Session Ever an Adventure. First of all because it is!

Yes, there is a strategy and a purpose. Yes, there are deliverables. But most importantly (to me) it is fun. There is a sense of mystery as your team literally doesn’t know what lies around the corner and how it may impact them. Definitely professionally; some even personally. And when this Adventure is over I think you and your group will really see why I say this is the most fun your group will ever have solving problems, ideating, planning new programs, or maybe just bonding. Yes all that. That’s my promise.

I believe the office of the 21st Century is not a building with walls and windows and free coffee and game rooms. I believe learning needs to include Adventures and Experiences outside the conference center, retreat center or the company meeting rooms. I believe now more than ever that new ways to meet, to ideate, and to problem solve can be done ANYWHERE and the meeting room of the 21st Century is a Cool Place in a town near your next event. A Cool Place that may provide the stimulation to solve problems, share ideas and learn and grow from one another. There’s a reason I call myself the Cool Places Finder.

Is it time to include something exciting bold, new, and daring in your next meeting or conference? If you’ve read this far you already know the answer is yes. Click here and we can get this moving!