One of my goals with Best Conference Session Ever is for employees/meeting attendees to have a heck of a lot of fun creating products/services/experiences for their organization. But when doing this they sometimes have those aha moments that may not be so comfortable.

Working in the Customer Experience space often times makes me shake my head when as a customer you know you are being given a line of crap……..

Yesterday I left a contact lens order in the shopping cart when I saw that the company wanted $100+ in taxes and processing fees. I went elsewhere and paid $27 in taxes and fees. The contact lenses were a few dollars more at the elsewhere. I was still ahead about $60.

A short while later I received an email from the first company asking if I still wanted to buy what was in the shopping cart. To which I responded you’ve got to be joking – more or less. To which they responded…..

“To ensure the highest level of customer experience, care of your order, and professionalism blah blah blah…. Other companies hide their fees, we’re transparent blah blah blah”

Come on folks, we can do better than cut and paste some canned buzzword ridden response. Both of these companies are doing the same thing: looking at my prescription, taking a couple of boxes off a shelf, and putting them into another box for mailing. Sometimes you just have to admit defeat and maybe go back and take a look in the mirror.

And you’re not that transparent if I’m still ahead by $60 and you don’t break down $100+ in fees to prove the experience, professionalism, blah blah blah.

But more importantly, my question for you today is……………………. Where are you giving your customers what I call those Shaking My Head BS Responses? Because people see right through the BS. And they’re tired of it. Even your employees see through it and are tired of cutting and pasting them!