Were you ever having such a lousy time somewhere you couldn’t wait to leave????

Well that’s one way to look at.

Last night I went to a free comedy show at a local coffee house. The comedians, who supposedly performed at some poular venues and who were supposed social media “stars”, were pretty bad; even they were acknowledging their struggles numerous times during their set. The food options were rather disappointing for an evening event; pretty much breakfast sandwiches and the remaining choices of sweets (not many) from earlier in the day. That old saying “you get what you pay for” was running through my brain.

OR there is this way to look at……………………………………...

Last night I attended an event at a business trying something new. A local coffee shop started offering a Free Comedy Show once per month. Clearly the coffee shop did not expect the turnout when ordering food. Fortunately there was still something to satisfy this kid’s sweet tooth. These types of events are often where comedians test out new material. (I used to do the same thing years and years ago; trying new speaking material and presentation ideas at Rotary and Toastmaster meetings.) There were a few funny moments. I volunteered myself into some of the comedian’s awkward moments to offer support.

Years ago I developed this quote:

If You’re Not Having Fun It’s Your Own Fault”

– Rich DiGirolamo

It’s how I live my life. If I’m not having a good time it’s up to me to change the situation. Was I having a good time? Not the greatest. But I was with friends. There were a few laughs. Me and one of my other friends just started laughing at times to stimulate the crowd. I decided to participate (aka become the butt of some jokes) when the comedian was clearly looking for something to latch onto. And from a professional speaking point of view I got to look at performance and style.

Will I go back? Absolutely. It’s local. I like to support local. I like to support artists. I spent a night with friends; even getting one out of the house and from scrolling endlessly through his Facebook and Instagram feeds for hours.

So whether it’s a job or a relationship or a zoom call or a conference session (not mine) where you want to poke your eyes out…..it’s your job to change the situation. And changing the situation is not always about removing yourself from it!