Weight Loss is a very personal subject. Some are comfortable with it. Others not so.

I actually started my speaking career a looooooooong time ago after losing a bunch of weight with Weight Watchers and was recruited to lead motivational and informative meetings to drive people to success.

WW had their format for how these meetings were to be delivered. Being the rogue, creative, cocky, daring person that I was, I rarely followed the rules but did my own thing. While WW would slap my hand from time to time, and I was told I was the subject of EVERY management meeting because of my unorthodox ways, they loved the crowds (aka dollars) I brought in on a weekly basis. My weekly meetings were standing room only. I was awarded year after year for helping people achieve success.

One thing I did every summer was hold a “Bathing Suit Contest.” Okay, it wasn’t really a contest but more of a fashion show and an opportunity to be proud of results in a supportive and non-threatening environment. I had two rules:

  • You were either going to be a participant at that meeting or
  • You were going to be in the audience and make a hell of a lot of noise for those who were participating

While my peers (and managers) thought I was insane, it was an absolute blast and something people looked forward to year after year. We danced. We laughed. We celebrated people’s journey. Everyone got a certificate. (Yeah, I was so far ahead of the world on participation trophies! hahahahaha)

A weight loss “contest” for people struggling with a very personal issue. Sure, why not!! Because even the most personal and sensitive subject matters when approached in a safe and fun manner, can separate you from others.

What’s something outrageous your business could do? That’s my thought for you today. I’d love to hear your thoughts.

Oh and someday I’ll share about the Slutty Thing Contest!