This past Saturday I participated in a 100 mile charity cycling event along one of the safest places to ride in Florida – The Withlacoochie Trail. It’s a 46 mile paved trail with minimal road crossings. End to end twice with an added 8 mile section and boom……..100 miles for those interested in a century ride.

The VW Bug featured in this post was spotted at a business along the trail. As I was riding by I saw the words septic and what looked like the Poop Emoji. I called out to my buddies to turn around.

The Tagline!!!!!!!! OMG! Priceless. Appropriate. Edgy. Fun . All the things I encourage when I’m working with a client group. Now in no means am I suggesting profanity just for the sake of it, but in this case it works! And the business was even smart about how to present it!

One of my favorite billboards near my home is for an Air Conditioning business. Their message……………….YOUR WIFE IS HOT! – call us to repair or service your A/C. Again, fun, edgy, and creative for sure. I’ve also seen a poll company use the phrase; guess someone didn’t trademark it?

All businesses want to be memorable. Some people want to be memorable. Some are willing to push the envelope a bit. Brooks Septic got me to stop. Heck they inspired me to write a blog post about them.

Where can you show a little edge in your marketing to be memorable?