“Best Conference Session Ever!”

“That Was The Best!“

“Best Time Spent!”

“Might Have Been The Best Conference Session Ever.”

Those are just a few of the comments in conference attendee evaluations. So yes, I know that calling this the Best Conference Session Ever is bold. But In some way, I didn’t come up with it. Participants did. Their enthusiasm. Their ability to solve problems and implement ideas in the moment…..which led to revenue or savings. Their ability to collaborate and ideate quickly rather than sit and listen to a speaker go on and on and then maybe have 2 minutes to do an activity. That’s why I’m making this bold statement.

Because I really do believe that this will be the best conference session ever for your group. The most fun. The most valuable. The one that people will be talking about. The one that takes place outside. Out of the ballroom. Away from the awful fluorescently-lit conference rooms that suck the soul out of people!

I think you’ll believe so too once we chat, meet and go off on an adventure!